16 June 2019

Things have happened quickly in this sponsorship. The family was interviewed by the visa office in Cairo on 21 May, and on 9 June they received notice that they have been provisionally accepted to Canada. This means that Canada has accepted the family's refugee claim, but there is still some paperwork to be done such as medical and security checks. We do not yet know when they will arrive.

7 March 2019

The new application for the Sudanese family of five has been submitted and assigned a file number. The application comprises a number of detailed forms that must be completed exactly as requested, plus support documentation such as notarized translations of the family's identification and photographs. Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees Canada will now check to make sure there are no errors or omissions, and ask for revisions if necessary. We should hear back by mid-April.

22 December 2017

The family has moved into their new home.

5 December 2017

Team Sooke/Juan de Fuca is delighted to announce that as of 5 December 2017 the family from Iraq are no longer refugees. They are now Newcomers to Canada.

Once they begin moving into their home (they're staying with sponsorship group members at the moment), we will post a list of furniture items we're still missing.

They repeatedly express their thanks to the people of Sooke/JdF who have given them this chance at a new life in a safe and welcoming community.

1 December 2017

Team Sooke/Juan de Fuca is delighted to announce that the Iraqi family of four we are sponsoring has completed all the required steps for immigration and is expected to arrive in Sooke in early December, 2017.

Now we are focusing on finding accommodation. We’re looking for at least two bedrooms, preferably in the Sooke town core and on the 61 bus route. But we’ll consider all options!

If you have any leads that can help us find this family a home, please phone Howard Taylor at 250.642.0908.

We also continue to welcome donations to help furnish the family’s home.

17 March 2017

In January we submitted a query as to the status of the family’s application. Soon after, they were called in to begin the process of interviews and screening. On March 16th they were told they are officially approved to come to Canada. Their travel arrangements and exit visas still need to be arranged, so an exact arrival date is unknown. But we anticipate that they will be coming to Sooke this spring or early summer.

17 December 2016

We expected the family to get their interview this December, but it looks like that isn’t going to happen. We don’t know if this means another delay in their arrival date or not, and there is no way for us to find out. This uncertainty is nothing to do with the family’s application or our sponsorship. Sponsorship groups all across Canada are experiencing the same issues.

In January we will begin a letter-writing campaign to encourage Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to set and meet specific timelines for application processing, and to provide better update information on the progress of applications. We’ll be posting details for anyone who would like to join us in this.

30 September 2016

We have reached our $50,000 fundraising target! Thank you to all our generous supporters.

Some issues and shortfalls may arise further along, but we are now feeling confident that we can pay the family's basic living expenses for their year of sponsorship. We continue to welcome donations of goods or funds to complete furnishing their household.

30 August 2016

We had a great response to publishing our wishlist of items we need to set up the family’s home, and will be posting a revised list later in the fall. For information or updates, email or visit the Team Sooke Juan de Fuca website or our Facebook page.

10 July 2016

We have started collecting items for the family. If you would like to help please check out our wishlist. Link removed: please see next news item.

23 May 2016

** Good News About the Family **

The family's application has now gone in to Immigration Canada.

We have been told that if all goes well, they could be here by Christmas!

3 May 2016

Fundraising Update: WE DID IT

We've exceeded our $35,000 Stage 1 goal.

Thanks to the generous contributions of people at the Rotary Spring Fair, the fundraising of the Baha'i Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment group, and recent donations from Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Victoria our total as of 2 May is: $36, 247.00.

Now, let's get working on meeting the total goal of $50,000!

30 April 2016

The Team Sooke/Juan de Fuca Refugee Sponsorship project is moving forward!

On April 28th we made contact with an Iraqi family of four struggling to survive as refugees in Lebanon. We invited them to come to Sooke, and they happily accepted.

Now begins the process of helping this family work through all the paperwork and security checks required for us to sponsor them, and for them to come to Canada. This could take up to a year.

In the meantime, we will be using Viber (like Skype) to get to know each other and help the family learn English. We’ll also continue raising the funds needed to support the family when they get here.

We understand that you would like to know more about the family. Once we get to know them better, we will ask them what details of their lives they would like to share. In the meantime, we hope you will understand the need to respect their privacy.

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support. We can't do it without you.